16 - 19 September 2020

Our modules

You will learn how to promote your message by mastering:

Corporate Identity and Style Guidelines

how to leverage your brand, tools and strategies

Talking Points

how to be always ready to present your message in the best way

Public Speaking

how to deliver impactful messages in front of an audience

Networking and PR

how to boost and manage your network at best

International Protocol & Etiquette Guidelines

how to write an official written communication, flag display, salutations and speaking order, table sitting, cross-cultural dining, business etiquette, dress code

Social Media

how to take opportunities from Facebook, Twitter and Istagram and be also aware of the risks

Mass Media

how to write a press release, how to organize a press conference, how to manage TV and radio interviews


Hotel Funivie del Lago Maggiore - Laveno Mombello (VA) - Italy
  • Thank you! Great location, good food, great content, awesome trainers! It was a great experience!
    2019 PR & Media Academy
  • Professional organized. I'm so happy yo have the chance to attend the Academy. Professional trainers too and the it was important to learn about the subjects!
    2018 PR & Media Academy
  • The academy contents met my expectation. Everything was well-structured and well-organized. We've learnt very valuable secrets of media and enriched our knowledge. The timing was intensive but I like it. The trainers were professional and supportive. I didn't feel bored throught out the training which is a plus! :)
    2018 PR & Media Academy
  • Everything was very well. Food, hotel location and trainers perfect!
    2017 PR & Media Academy

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